What is Self Storage?

Self Storage Frequently Asked Questions
Faqs Haz Espacio

In the Self Storage facility, customers find spaces of all sizes, which usually range from 1sq m to 14sq m or more, which they can manage themselves (self-storage) either for private or professional use.

The really interesting thing about self storage is that you can have control of what you store and the spaces you need anytime, with the certainty that them belongins are in a modern, clean and safe facilities at all times.

The main benefits of Self Storage are:

  1. Simple access: Our Estepona’ facility has an easy access from the A7 / AP7 exit, at Estepona’s Industrial Park, about 850m. As well as easy parking and access from Marconi Street and Arquímedes Street.
  2. Security: We know that your belongings are very important to you, that is why security in our center is a priority. We have a 24h CCTV with one of the strongest companies in the sector, a state-of-the-art infrared fire system, card access control outside business hours and an insurance policy for each storage room.
  3. Flexibility: You have the total freedom to rent storage rooms for long or short periods of time, and you can change the size of the space according to your storage needs.
  4. Privacy: The storage rooms are for exclusive use. Only you will have the key of the padlock, therefore you can make sure you are the only person with access to the storage unit.
  5. Make space at home or work. Renting a storage room in self storage is the best option to store your belongings during a reform or move.
  6. We put at your disposal fully renovated and modern infrastructure where you will find wide corridors, good lighting and adequate temperature to store your goods.

In the Self Storage facilities you will find access services with a card 24 hours a day, using a PIN code, fingerprint recognition, or as we do in HAZ ESPACIO ESTEPONA, with personal and unique magnetic card that will give you access to the facilities outside of business hours.

We have packing material to facilitate the storage of your belongings and have your space as organized as possible.

Finally, with the Receiving Packaging services we will receive your online purchases or even the goods for your business and we will notify you when they have arrived.

We have packing material to facilitate the storage of your belongings and have your space as organized as possible.

Finally, with the Receiving Packaging services we will receive your online purchases or even the goods for your business and we will notify you when they have arrived.

Prices depend above all on the size and time hired, since we have special discounts for long periods. Likewise, in HAZ ESPACIO you will find storage rooms for less than €1 a day, perfect for storing clothes from other seasons and some boxes and books.

To know more about the prices in HAZ ESPACIO ESTEPONA, you just have to fill out the form on our contact page, and we will answer as soon as possible.

In order to hire or book a storage unit, It will be necessary to show your Spanish NIE and IBAN number of your bank account in Spain, visible in a receipt of supplies or bank document.

In the case of contracting for companies, it will also be necessary the company’s CIF, and data of the authorized person.

The facilities have a CCTV active 24 hours a day, fire fighting systems, security alarm, access control with card and insurance policy.

In addition, no one who accesses the facilities will be able to enter your storage room without your permission. Only you or people you trust will have the key to the padlock.

The minimum rental of the storage room is one month, however, if you have any special temporary needs, please contact us and we can study your case.

In any case, we encourage you to rent a storage room for long periods. The longer the time, the greater the discounts.

The hired module is for the exclusive use of storage of goods. Any other use of the storage room is not allowed.
In this way, the following goods may not be placed in the storage room: Dangerous, explosive, flammable or pyrotechnic materials, such as any type of paint or fuel, illegal substances, food, plants, animals (alive or dead), improperly packed liquids, money or valuables, weapons and illicit objects obtained illegally.

Of course, if at any time you need to change the size of your storage room or warehouse you can do it without problems.

If you are thinking of not renewing the rental of your storage room, it is necessary to notify 15 days in advance via email to info@hazespacio.com or at the HAZ ESPACIO reception.

On the expiration date, the storage room must be empty and without a padlock. Do not forget to go through reception before leaving to finish the process.